Team Tugman operates on a four-session schedule with each session lasting approximately three months.

During each Session, all groups practice three times a week for 90 minutes, except for Tugman’s Tots (twice per week; 45 minutes) and Youth I (twice per week; 1 hour).Please see our current schedule here : Session Calender

Private or Semi-private coaching sessions and video match review sessions will be scheduled around team practices subject to the availability of the Coach conducting the session.

Tugman’s Tots

Ages 4+. Designed to develop basic wrestling skills through drilling fundamentals for young children. We will foster a non-competitive, safe environment and teach by using basic drills and playing games.

Elementary Youth II

For girls and boys in grades 2 through 5 who have more experience with the sport of wrestling. Emphasis will be on wrestling fundamentals but also include drilling and some live situational wrestling. Wrestlers in this cohort may also compete for Team Tugman during the Youth Wrestling season

Elementary Youth I

For girls and boys in grades 2 through 5 who are new to the sport of wrestling or who have less than two years of experience. This cohort will focus on developing foundational wrestling skills such as take downs and pinning combinations necessary for competing in folk style wrestling.

Middle School

For girls and boys in grades 6 through 8 and athletes of all skill levels. We strive to pair wrestlers with similar skill and experience levels as practice partners. This cohort will train to compete at larger, more prestigious tournaments for Team Tugman during the youth season. Athletes in this cohort should be prepared for more intense practices.  

Got what it takes to be the best?

High School

For girls and boys in 9th through 12th grade. This cohort will consist of athletes new to the sport as well as experienced wrestlers who want to take their wrestling to the next level. Practices are more intense and designed for the serious, dedicated wrestler.

International Style

Team Tugman offers free-style and Greco-Roman style practices during our summer session (generally June through August). Wrestlers can train and compete in various free-style and Greco-Roman tournaments, including the Marine Corps. Nationals at Fargo.

Post-High School

Team Tugman offers college athletes the opportunity to continue their training over the summer by providing open mat sessions.

Women’s-Only Practice

Team Tugman is the only wrestling club in the State of Connecticut to offer a Women’s Only practice. All of our practice sessions and cohorts are co-ed but we believe that women who are serious about wrestling also need a practice dedicated to their sport. This practice is open to all female wrestlers in Youth II and above.