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Youth : This cohort will focus on developing foundational wrestling skills such as take downs and pinning combinations necessary for competing in folk style wrestling. Emphasis will be on wrestling fundamentals but also include drilling and live situational wrestling. Wrestlers in this cohort may compete for Team Tugman during the Youth Wrestling season.

Youth – Paid Monthly ($200)
unlimited classes

Tugman’s Tots – Paid Monthly ($120)
unlimited classes

Advanced : For girls and boys in 9th through 12th grade. This cohort will consist of athletes new to the sport as well as experienced wrestlers who want to take their wrestling to the next level. Practices are more intense and designed for the serious, dedicated wrestler.

Advanced – Paid Monthly ($140)
unlimited classes

Spring 2023 Session

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2023 Practice Session! We have updated the registration process to be exclusively online for all members. This session will be offering the following programs.

Competition Team Practices This program is designed for experienced youth & high school girls and boys. Wrestlers who train with the Competition team will be expected to compete in tournaments during the 2023 season. There are three required practices per week (M – Th – Sat) for 90 minutes. Competition Practice Club Members may also (and are encouraged) to attend at least one of our Skills & Technique Practices as well.

Skills and Technique Club Practice Designed for younger, less-experienced wrestlers, these athletes practice on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings for 90 minutes. Practices focus on teaching the basic skills of wrestling in the three positions: neutral (on feet), top, and bottom. Our staff also has the goal of instilling a love and passion for the sport of wrestling in each student. Wrestlers in this program may compete in a few tournaments but as it is a developmental program, there is no competition requirement.

* All practices are co-ed.

Program Registration

Competition Practice – Paid Monthly ($175.00)
Unlimited classes – 3 month contract

Skills & Technique Practice – Paid Monthly ($120.00)
Unlimited classes – 3 month contract

Supervised Open Mat – Paid Monthly ($100.00)
Unlimited classes – 3 month contract

Four Practice Drop-In Pack 

Drop-In Pack – ($75.00)

4 Classes


Tyrant Duals & Open [Tentative] ($0.00)

Jan 7, 2023 at 7:00 AM

Wildwood National Duals ($0.00)

Feb 2, 2023 at 1:00 PM