Tournament Recap

Nighthawk Classic – Newtown High School

  • TTWC Wrestlers Grab 5 Golds and 10 Silver medals.
  • Noah Oliveira has breakthrough tournament; snags first Gold!

December 19, 2022 – TTWC entered 20 of its athletes in the Nighthawk Classic Wrestling Tournament held at Newtown High School. The 20 wrestlers, competing across 5 age divisions (and some entered in multiple brackets), scored medals in 19 of the 23 brackets in which they competed. The complete results for the team are below.

Head Coach Blair Tugman on his team’s performance: “This tournament is a tough one. It draws teams from New York, as well as some of the best wrestlers in New England. We held up well and our performance was better this week than last. Our kids wrestled tough and gave their all. Very happy to see that progress. Now, we move forward and keep working.”

Coach Tugman also wanted to extend his thanks and appreciation for all the hard work Newtown Youth Wrestling did running the tournament. “A well-run and challenging tournament. Its really nice to have tournaments like this in Connecticut. My thanks to all of the Newtown parents, coaches, and staff for a great day of wrestling.”

A special shout out to Noah Oliveira on winning his first tournament with TTWC. Coach Tugman on Noah’s performance yesterday: “Noah is a hardworking kid who shows up every practice ready to go. He is doing everything right in the practice room. It just hadn’t shown up in competition yet. He was getting frustrated. I kept telling him, trust the process. Keep working. Stick with it. You’ll have your break through. And yesterday he did, taking 1st place in his bracket. I am so happy for him. I can’t promise him he’ll be at the top of the podium every week, but I can promise him that if he keeps doing all the right things, he’ll keep getting better.”

Team Results for Nighthawk Classic

8U CoEd

  • Ty Silverstrim – 1st Place
  • Luca Amato – 2nd Place
  • Mia Henckel – 2nd Place

10U CoEd

  • Arjan Singh – 1st Place
  • Chris Weiner – 1st Place
  • Sam Forman – 2nd Place
  • Jasmin Weiner – 3rd Place

12U Girls

  • Ella Henckel – 3rd Place
  • Mia Henckel – 4th Place

12U CoEd

  • Noah Oliveira – 1st Place
  • Joey Cotter – 2nd Place
  • Jackson Robles – 2nd Place
  • Ella Henckel – 2nd Place
  • Blake Vieira – 3rd Place
  • Chris Weiner – 4th Place

Middle School CoEd

  • Chad Reed – 1st Place
  • Chase Kastner – 2nd Place
  • Jax Opotzner – 2nd Place
  • Cecilia Verrilli – 2nd Place
  • Antonio Arguello – 2nd Place
  • Max Malitsky – 3rd Place
  • Tristan Rosenschein – 4th Place
  • Ty Paolino – 4th Place (Injury Default)