What Parents Need To Know About The Sport Of Wrestling 

Wrestling boasts incredible benefits for the body and the mind. Children can gain immensely from this incredible sport. However, parents are often apprehensive about letting their children pursue wrestling and train for it. Here are some things that parents must know about the sport of wrestling. It will help them shun their fears and apprehensions and they will be better able to support their children in pursuing their passion. 

Your child has chosen to play an incredible sport 

Talking of wrestling, the first image that comes to mind is that of over-dramatic WWE wrestlers beating each other up violently. However, wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world that follows plenty of rules to keep the athletes safe. Wrestling is based on hard work, determination, and self-discipline, and not on theatrics. There are coaches and referees that ensure that the rules are learned and followed. Wrestling teaches physical and mental toughness and makes you a better and stronger person capable of handling all the challenges life throws at them.  

It’s an intensely competitive sport 

Unlike what many people think, wrestling is not about the entertainment factor. It is a highly competitive sport that requires skill, technique, stamina, strength, discipline, and a lot more. The child would need to balance physical and mental conditioning and build a lot of strength and stamina. Once you are on the mat with an opponent of the same size and weight, you get no time to rethink, replan, or have doubts. So, it takes a lot of hard work, practice, and training to succeed in wrestling.  

The child doesn’t have to be a natural athlete 

To be a good wrestler, you don’t necessarily need to be a natural athlete with great strength, coordination, or aggression to succeed. Natural athletes might get an easy start but eventually, it’s all about who has more passion, who learns better, who practices more, and who enjoys the sport. Wrestlers come in all sizes and those who succeed are the ones with passion and a great competitive drive. With the right training and a lot of hard work, anyone can succeed in the sport of wrestling.  

Winning at a young age does not guarantee future success 

While wrestling is a highly competitive sport but parents need to understand that they need not make it all about winning and losing. It is not only about winning, it is about learning and improving. Winning or losing at a young age, or winning or losing a few matches at the very start, is no indicator of future success or failure. By focusing on mastering the technique, overcoming mental blocks, and learning new moves, anyone can succeed. In short, it is important for parents to not put undue pressure on their children to succeed. Let them learn, and trust the coach and the learning process.  

Be a supportive parent 

Don’t be a demanding parent. Don’t make it about yourself. If you want your child to learn well and succeed, be a supportive parent. Many parents take the fun out of the sport by being too pushy. Remember, wrestling is not something your child can master overnight. It’s a long but rewarding journey. Be a cheerleader and offer positive feedback to the child always.  

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