What Does It Take To Be A Wrestler? 

Quite often, we are asked why some athletes excel in the sport of wrestling and others do not. What qualities make a person a good wrestler? If you too are wondering whether you have it in you to be a good wrestler, this is for you. First of all, remember, anyone can be a wrestler as long as they have a strong will to do and they are ready to put their everything into it. You definitely need to have strong physical characteristics, a high level of skill, and a good work ethic, but there is a lot more that goes into making a great athlete.  


The most important thing that can push you towards excellence in wrestling is your passion. No one can excel in a sport if they have been pushed into it by someone or they are doing it just out of peer pressure. The best wrestlers love what they do and they love everything about it-even the grind and the tough training. When you lack passion, you will never come close to achieving your full potential. 

Horsepower or strength 

In wrestling, there is no substitute for strength. Even if your technique is not as good as the opponent’s, you still have a chance to catch him and pin him if you are stronger. Strength is of two types. First, absolute strength, which equals the highest external resistance you can overcome, and second, relative strength, which refers to your strength in relation to your body weight. You need both types of strength to be a good wrestler. To achieve this, you will need a lot of strength training.  

Eager to learn and desire to improve 

The best wrestlers are known to be great learners. They love to be coached and are disciplined. On the other hand, those with a “know it all” attitude often don’t get too far in their wrestling careers. To learn better, you need to trust your coach and always strive to improve your technique and form.

You should be ready to put in long hours trying to perfect a skill. Those who become great wrestlers often concentrate on a technique and put in rigorous efforts till they perfect it. With their efforts, they often turn their weaknesses into their strongest assets. 

A Wrestler Needs Courage 

Wrestling is not for the faint-hearted. The best wrestlers are those who aren’t afraid to put it on the line. They can take risks and are not afraid of failure. They don’t let criticism bog them down. They are able to overcome all fears and face the competition with confidence.  

Consistency and resilience  

One of the most important traits that one must possess to become a good wrestler is consistency. You need consistency not only in your training and diet but in all other aspects of life as well. Every time you go for a match, you should perform consistently, even through your bad days.

You must be prepared to face adversity and setbacks and not let them affect your training or future matches. It is important not to give up and bounce back from your lows, only to come out stronger.  

If you think you have it in you to become a wrestler, all you need to do is find yourself a coach that can train and guide you through your journey. Get in touch with us to know about our training programs. We can help athletes of all ages and abilities learn the sport of wrestling properly.