Why Should Kids Wrestle?

kids should wrestle

Kids should wrestle for the following 8 reasons Wrestling is a great sport that teaches so many valuable lessons about sportsmanship, fitness, and life in general. It tests both your physical and mental strength. For years, young children have wrestled with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Kids mostly start wrestling at school or local […]

What Does It Take To Be A Wrestler? 


Quite often, we are asked why some athletes excel in the sport of wrestling and others do not. What qualities make a person a good wrestler? If you too are wondering whether you have it in you to be a good wrestler, this is for you. First of all, remember, anyone can be a wrestler […]

How Wrestling Can Keep Your Child Fit 

With increasing obesity among children and adults in the U.S., it is important for parents to look for ways to keep their children fit and healthy. They must indulge in some kind of physical activity on a regular basis so that they keep fit and stay in shape. A fun way to keep them in […]