Why Should Kids Wrestle?

Kids should wrestle for the following 8 reasons

Wrestling is a great sport that teaches so many valuable lessons about sportsmanship, fitness, and life in general. It tests both your physical and mental strength. For years, young children have wrestled with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. Kids mostly start wrestling at school or local wrestling clubs and eventually, succeed in higher competition levels. Wrestling offers plenty of benefits to kids. They not only become fit and strong but also become better capable of handling their emotions. They also learn perseverance and to respect their opponents. Here are the top reasons why kids should wrestle:

Fun activities

Wrestling is a fun activity for kids. Most kids love to wrestle around with each other and even with their parents. In a wrestling class, the child does not only learn wrestling moves but also practices fun warm-up and cool-down activities that help develop wrestling skills. Kids enjoy being in the wrestling rooms and love learning about take downs, reversals and other wrestling moves.

Develops basic athletic skills

Wrestling requires a lot of strength, stamina, and body control. It involves all muscle groups and you need to control them to win the match. You also need a lot of strength, flexibility, and skill to execute most of the wrestling moves. In short, you need good athletic abilities to be able to become a good wrestler.

Teaches discipline

In order to succeed in wrestling, kids need to develop a lot of discipline. They need to practice regularly, watch their diet, and stay focused on their fitness. Not being disciplined enough can hamper the training and can prove disastrous in competitions. Discipline is one of the major assets one gains through wrestling.

Instills confidence

It takes a lot of confidence and courage to wrestle. Wrestling helps build self-confidence by teaching kids to overcome adversity. They learn to stay calm and focused even under stressful situations. Regardless of the competitor or situation they face, they learn to take them on with trust in their abilities.

Kids learn to respect themselves and their opponents

Like any other sport, wrestling teaches you respect. It teaches them to respect and nurture themselves. It teaches kids to be respectful to their opponents. kids meet all kinds of people throughout a wrestling journey. Some who are better wrestlers and some who are not. Regardless of ability, young wrestlers learn to treat each opponent with respect.

Develops competitive spirit

In this fiercely competitive world, a child must learn how to survive and emerge a winner. Wrestling does just that. It instills the spirit of healthy competition and teaches you how to work hard towards achieving your goals. The child learns to work harder and get better to win the competition.


The biggest benefit of wrestling for children is that they become fit and strong. Wrestling is among the premier physical fitness sports. It develops endurance, strength, and stamina. Getting your child to fall in love with fitness at a young age can pave the way to a lifetime of good health. Even if the child chooses not to pursue wrestling in their adult life, they will still value fitness throughout their lives.

Helps build camaraderie with kids from different communities and culture

Through wrestling, your child will get to interact, learn, and play with kids from different communities, and cultures. It will develop the social skills that will help them in all other aspects of their lives.

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